Sean Farnam's Cool BG
Paul Michaelson from New York, USA is I-Force!
Adam Bloodworth from Canada is Corpus!
Julie Buhay from the Philippines is Charger!
Sergei Borzkoff from Russia is Magnum!
Barrington Artecus Cross from England is Warpath!
Angel Cruz from Puerto Rico is Hybrid!
Lincoln West from California in the U.S. is Crossfire!
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angels? Not exactly. ANGEL is an
acronym that stands for
Advanced Neogenetic Guardians
Enforcing Law. So ANGELS guard,
they protect, they enforce the
law.  Because they help so many
people, they are often looked
upon as angels, but they are
actually global operatives under
the direction of Paul Michaelson,
a megahuman the world calls
I-Force and an Honorary Global
Security Advisor Pro-Tem for the
U.N.,  to serve, protect and
develop humanity. The team has
expanded to 13 operatives from
different nations.