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- Updated for 2018. Easier access to all my original characters!

- Updated entire Fan Art & Contest Art Gallery!

- Added Gilbert Monsanto art gallery for all the many ANGELCORPS characters he has rendered!

-Total Website revamping in progress! Tell me whatcha think under the
"contact" link!

- Webcomic Conclusion Page 27 Uploaded for
"Thence Came a Warrior"

- Webcomic Page 26 Uploaded of "Thence Came a Warrior!"

- Webcomic Pages 21 through 25 Uploaded of "Thence Came a Warrior!"

I-Force entry updated.

- Webcomic Page 20 Completed and Added!

- Webcomic Page 19 Completed and Added!

- Webcomic Page 18 Completed and Added!

- Webcomic Page 17 Completed and Added!

- 2nd Sterling Dakota Forrester CD Cover artwork completed. Coming soon!

- Added 3 NEW Black and White Pinups to Good Girl Art (GGA) Gallery!

- Added Webcomic Page 16!

- Completed CD Cover and Interior Art Commission for Musician par Excellence
Sterling Dakota Forrester called "Rock!"

- 3/10/2013: New image of Psydon uploaded! Check out the revived Sea God now!

- 3/01/2013: New Spartan image uploaded!

- 2/26/2013: They call her Sahara, strong and sexy, and she channels the powers of the ancient Egyptian cat-god, Bastet!

- 2/10/2013: New Foxfire image posted up, Foxy Fighter from the Navajo Nation!

- 1/31/2013: New Ayratezia image uploaded, the Wolfstone Witch!

- 1/10/2013:  New Hoshi image added!

- Sorry gang. Have been on hiatus handling loose ends caused by my mom's recent passing. Should be back up and running soon!  

NEW! Free ANGEL Corps Webcomic up!

- 8/26/12: Added images to I-Force, the Webcomic, hoshi, Ayratezia, Marvel and DC!

- Added older 2005
Vampirella piece for sale!

- Just sold
Lady Death Nouveau!

- Added a recent commission on the Commissions page (Where else? Hah!)

- Updated the DC and Marvel Pages in the "Artwork" section with a few new images. Finally getting a reliable updating system going!

- Been busy over the last few months. Lots going on, much of it having nothing to do with comics! Currently working on a free
webcomic that will sort of introduce the first 7 members of ANGEL Corps to new readers. It will also introduce Spartan as a
character and future ANGEL Corps inductee. For now you can view the first few pages on my
Deviant Art site .

- Website updates to the front page and interior ANGEL Corps member pages including turnarounds for each character!

- MegaCon was completely awesome! Jackie and I got to hang out at our booth, talk to lots of really cool people and watch the
parade of characters walking around. Sales were decent enough for us to cloe up the booth Saturday night so we could walk
around the convention floor Sunday as attendees where I got to see many friends I had only known over the internet! Fantastic

- MegaCon is creeping up and I've arranged to have some pretty cool 11x17 mini-posters available for $5 a piece. Supergirl, Elektra,
ANGEL Corps and more!  If I have any left, I'll make them available on  my website after the MegaCon is all done! Stay tooned!

- There's a new blog out there for you angel-philes who like your ANGEL Corps and Leading Edge Comics updates routinely! To
check it out, head over here:  
Leading Edge Comics blog!

- Been practicing a lot with digital inking and think I have it down pretty well now. Check some of my latest stuff out on my
DeviantArt site!  

- Guess who's going to be sitting in Artist Alley at Orlando's premiere
Megacon? ME! That's who! YELLOW Table #14. I'll have
issues 1 & 2 of ANGEL CORPS for sale, prints and mini-posters, portfolio art, ANGEL CORPS badges and much more! Come out
and say, "Hey!" on March 25th, 26th and 27th!

- Officially looking for my first
INKER to partner with on upcoming work! The full story is here!

- Celebrated my birthday by announcing ANGEL CORPS #2 is on sale! Go HERE to snag a copy! And don't forget about the
ANGEL CORPS #1. You can still snatch a copy HERE!

- A string of character turnarounds, pseudo modest model sheets for the megahumans of ANGEL Corps!  These are currently
loaded on my
DeviantArt site but will be shifted here soon!

- First profile update on
P'Sydon, the Supreme Sea-God of Earth!

- First profile update on Foxfire, the Noble Navajo Knight!

- First profile update on Spartan, the Greek Gladiator of the Gods!

- First profile update on Magnum, the Master Manipulator of Mass!

- Updates to the Linqsacon, the lexicon for the Leading Edge Angelverse!

- Added my
ANGEL Corps Issue #1 Comic Trailer to the site! If you haven't already seen it, check it out!  I have another rockin'
mini-trailer highlighting
The Heroes of ANGEL Corps! Again, if you haven't checked it out yet, take a peek!

- First profile update on
Charger, the Sexy Super-Charged Sentinel!

- First profile update on Warpath, the World-Jumping Wielder of Warps and Guardian of the Nexus Field!

- First profile update on
Crossfire, the Emperor of the Ebonox Core, an ancient Babylonian artifact of great power that has fused
itself into his molecular structure! Added a profile update on
Hybrid too, the Amazing Animorph who can modify parts of his body
with animal adapatations!

- First profile update on
Hoshi, the reformed Japanese assassin and Siren of the  Stellar Strike!

- First profile update on Sahara, the Cat-Like Combatant of Bastet!

- First profile on Corpus, the UniverCellular Sensation and some explanatory notes about Eric's Angelverse!

- First profile update on I-Force, Earth's First Fighter for Freedom  and most beloved global guardian!

- First profile update on
Ayratezia, the Witch of the Wolfstone!

- Serious re-org of the website. Simpler, fuller, more graphics. MUCH more!

- I'm opening up my website for
link exchanges with other established websites and webpages. Your banner goes on my links page
while my banner goes on a similar page on your site.  If interested, email me at
ericlinquist@ericlinquist.net and let me know!

- This is the month for videos! Check out Eric's first
ANGEL CORPS INTERVIEW where he talks about his first comic book creation!
Filmed at a recent
Talent Expo in Orlando, Florida!

- Available now is a revamped
ANGEL CORPS #1 TRAILER over on YouTube that was produced for the inaugural issue of ANGEL
CORPS #1! It features a new jamming soundtrack! Feel free to post a comment and enjoy!

- Also on YouTube, an
ANGEL CORPS ROCK MONTAGE of the core characters that take down evil-doers! Check it out!
when evil rolls, ANGELS ROCK!!! Comments welcome and encouraged!

- The appropriate files are at the publisher being assembled into
ANGEL CORPS #2! Godspeed little angel-files! With any luck,
ANGEL CORPS #2 will be on sale before the end of July! Stay Tuned!
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