Name: Barrington Artecus Cross
Hair: Black, Shaved Bald
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 250 Lbs.
Birth Country: England
Birth City: Salisbury
Occupation:  Curator at British
Group Affiliation: ANGEL Corps
Base of Operations: The Synidome
Character:  Brooding, stressed and
very little patience due to the
mind-boggling responsibilities he has
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Origins:  Barrington grew up in Oxford, England, the son of Archibald and Victoria Cross.  They lived a humble, modest existence and
scraped and saved to put "Bear" through Oxford University where he excelled in Early Medieval history. He earned MA and Ph.D. degrees at
a young age and became a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. His intellectual dissertations were so highly regarded that they facilitated
his acceptance as a curator at the
British Museum in London specializing in Early Medieval History. He worked there for years
and became regarded as one of the foremost experts in the world on that era. Since his predecessor had neglected the warehouse of huge
stores of medieval artifacts owned by the museum, Barrington set out to review them. He made this decision during the week that the global
event referred to as
"The Neogen Flux" occurred.  Sifting through the massive store of objects, he came across a weathered battle helmet
that shocked him with a red arc of energy. Writing it off as static electricity, he noticed hidden markings on the underside of the helmet that
translated to
"Caliburn," a reference to King Arthur.  Curious, he placed the helmet on his head and was instantly transported in front of a
huge waterfall flanked on both sides by sheer cliffs covered with thorny vines. Stepping stones in the middle of a lagoon lead up to its
base.  He was wearing warrior-like garb and the helmet appeared gleaming and new again. A woman's voice spoke to him alleging to be
Ferin of the Falls, the daughter of the Lady of the Lake awoken after a centuries-old sleep. Farin explained that Barrington was a
descendant of
King Arthur with a destiny critical to the future of the world, though that destiny is not yet known in a world vastly different
than her mother's. The helmet Barrington donned was actually the Helmet of Caliburn,
a re-forged Excalibur. As its shape had been re-
forged, she explained, so too was its power, a power that could be driven by Barrington's mind. That power, she went on, acts to make
Barrington the inherited Guardian of  
the Nexus Field, a buffering layer of energy that keeps dimensions separated.  As he struggles to
digest what is happening, she instructs Barrington to walk forward through the waterfall. When he does, a massive cavern reveals itself
with a huge castle in the middle of it. Farin tells him this place is called
Thornhenge and that the castle is Avelot and that it is his.  When he
walks inside he discovers two more objects that Farin tells him are his weapons: the
Enchanted Cloak of Ambrosius and the Bands of Blaise.
Overwhelmed, Barrington rejects what sounds like a cosmic responsibility until Farin reveals demonic presences crossing over into Earth
already. Barrington's first mission has him struggling to seal a rift in the Nexus Field while learning how to work his powers, but not before a
horde of
deadly demons crosses into the world, demons he feels obligated to return to where they came from.
Hoping to gain access to a network of resources that could help him become aware of high profile dangers emerging on the global scene
that might indicate demonic activity, he joins ANGEL Corps when I-Force offers him a role. Learning that Barrington is a warp telepath,
ANGEL Corps' venerated combat systems trainer, Exigon, combines the two words and gives him the operative name of
Powers:  Barrington is a warp telepath imbued with a vast quantum dimensional awareness with which he can call upon, open, manipulate
and close “dimensional couplers,” energy fields capable of connecting two or more dimensional points in space. This allows him to move
anything, including himself from point A to point B instantly. He does this by controlling the Nexus Field of Energy that separates
dimensional space. The portals  can manifest as floating, manipulatable fields or pulse-blasts of energy that can transport objects upon
contact. Barrington has this ability himself, but his power is increased a hundred fold by wearing the Helmet of Caliburn giving him the
ability to receive a spatial map of any area on Earth for a range of 20 miles.
Strength Level Unassisted:
Class 1-A Baseline Human Range.
Level 4.
Can press 400 Lbs.
Strength Level Power-Assisted:
Powers don't facilitate strength amplification.
Arsenal:  Barrington possesses the Enchanted Cloak of Ambrosius, reputed to have been owned by Merlin himself and a seemingly sentient
article capable of independent thought in much the same manner as a loyal pet. The cloak grants its wearer the power of flight. Barrington
also wears
the Bands of Blaise, a pair of forearm gauntlets that enable Barrington to fire blasts of compressed space that can hit like a
wrecking ball and explode on contact.  
Fighting Prowess: While his childhood friends were playing football, Barrington was forced to learn fencing but became extremely skilled at
the sport, joining the
Oxford University Fencing Club and going on to secure medals in  many competitions. He is only undergoing martial
arts training now but is in such excellent physical shape that he is exceeding expectations.
Standard Nanotech Armored Protection Gear (SNAP-Gear), lightweight uniforming system equipped with onboard computer array, variable
feed power sources, life-support, networking and armored protection. A voice-activated onboard computer ties into tactical local and wide-
area networks using a “heads-up” holographic transparent 17-inch display panel while it monitors its wearer’s physiology. A shield mode
provides operatives head-to-toe protection.   
Adairian Adaptive memory molecules enable SNAP-GEAR uniforms to adapt to a host’s application of wide arrays of energies. SNAP-Gear is
able to transform into a small inventory of various non-combat outfits pre-loaded by its user.  
ANGEL Com (Communications Device), a neural transceiver implant that responds to basic cybernetic commands. The device utilizes ultra-
sophisticated cerebellinguistic algorithm codes to translate human languages. Once set, the device automatically translates and feeds
languages or dialects in one’s native tongue directly into the ear with an average translatability percentage ratio of 94.6% for all known
language patterns.