A couple of things you'll notice and probably like about Leading Edge Comics!

1. Capes are impractical unless they are somehow a source for power or have some other functionality and/or purpose. Sure, they look cool
in comic-book land but in the real world, not so much. Dracula? Okay. I'll give ya that one. Once in a while I suppose they can satisfy some
flamboyant, probably misguided fashion sense but, for the most part, I don't get capes as part of a uniforming system. You'll rarely see me
using them without darned good reason!  Any more questions, go watch "The Incredibles." Moving on.

2. The major genetic advancements that occurred with many of my characters resulted in a standard human body perfectionism. Most
megahumans' had their muscles heightened while excess body fat was displaced and imperfections were neutralized. In women, skin and
breasts improved, waists got tinier and bone structures in the feet modified dramatically, changing the very skeletal structure of the foot.
For such women, walking on tippy-toes is the relaxed state. Walking flat-footed requires the same effort as normal women walking
tippy-toed. Accordingly, the only comfortable footwear comes with heels of 3-6 inches allowing megahuman women to operate comfortably
wearing heels as easily as normal women athletes get around in Nikes. Yeah, dudes, give it up. Thinkin' 'bout you on that one.

3. My stories take place here on Earth, but it's Earth in a universe vaslty different than the one you may (or may not know depending on your
interaction with recreational pharmaceuticals).  In this universe, the United Nations became a more effective organization through strategic
When Evil Descends, Angels Rise!
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When Evil Rolls, Angels Rock!
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Welcome to Eric's world! Well, actually, it's an entire UNIVERSE, the universe of Leading Edge Comics! Leading Edge Comics came into being
only very recently as all the characters and ideas rolling around in Eric's head needed a place to hang out! Sometimes it's not clear if a little
start-up company and one website will be
enough! Based in Central Florida,  Leading Edge is currently an operation of just two and a half: Eric,
his wife Jackie and his two kitties Nasdaq and Napoleon! (They meowtsource the drawing of some fe-lines occasionally!)  Seriously, this has
become a labor of love for them because there certainly isn't much money in it! Right now, they just think it's