Name: Paul Leon Michaelson
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Crystal Blue
Height: 6'4"/7'6"
Weight: 220 Lbs./1,200 Lbs.
Birth Country: USA
Birth City: Buffalo, New York
Occupation:  Honorary Global
Security Advisor Pro-Tem, ANGEL
Corps Squad Leader, former Fire
Fighter for Squad 17 in Brooklyn
Group Affiliation: ANGEL Corps,
Unified Nations
Base of Operations: The
Character: Respectful,
down-to-earth, scrapper,
resourceful,  motivated,
humanitarian. Believes in
mankind's potential.
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I-FORCE (Infinite Force)

Origins:  The source of I-Force's power is the Eye of Force that has fused with his human form. The Eye of Force is an  
arcane portal created by Merlin that siphons energy from
every available source across dimensions. In minutes the Eye, created by Merlin at
the peak of his power, siphoned every
iota of sorcerous energy present on the Earth during the magical pinnacle of the Medieval era, as well
as the sorcerous energies of myriad adjacent dimensions
at time when Merlin, Morgana, dragons, griffins, trolls, fairies, ogres, krakens, and a
massive sorcerous planetary power grid were at their most intense, permeating the entire planet.
The Eye keeps this power handy at all times,
but is capable of violently grabbing more. It's ability to take on and channel energies into I-Force appears

Merlin routinely fought the sorcerous evil in the world, but learning of the impending end to the current magical cycle compelled him to
devise a method to siphon all of that magical energy into a sorcerous receptacle he dubbed the Eye of Force, intending altruistically to be the
lone, responsible steward of it all. This required making arrangements before the anticipated conclusion of the current sorcerous cycle which
would herald the end to the magics wielded during the medieval ages.
It was an unprecedented spell that stripped the Earth and countless
adjacent dimensions of all their magical energies, coalescing them into the Eye of Force, an object that is always poised for more power.  

With the newly fabricated Eye of Force at his disposal, Merlin tried a time jump over into the next magical cycle, our modern day, but was
sabotaged mid-jump by his vengeful enemies.  Merlin became separated from the Eye in the time stream maelstrom and ended up occupying
the form of an infant girl in the modern day, dormant, with no memories of his life as Merlin. (Merlin's memories would return during his teens,
fueling his transition to the sorceress supreme, Magus-1.)   Those incomprehensible energies of the Eye of Force
, and its seeming ability to
tap into infinite amounts of new energy,
ended up fusing irreversibly with the form of noble fire fighter Paul Michaelson in the modern day
giving birth to the powerhouse force for good the world would come to know as I-Force.

I-Force's searing power is manifested through worldly physics, like strength and flight and energy projection, but it's all fueled by the most inc
omprehensible concentration of volatile, self-replenishing sorcerous energy that ever existed in the universe. This gives him not only an
uncanny physical protection from harm and a wide away of powerful applications, but also unprecedented resistance to even magical and
other-dimensional attacks. As I-Force learns more about his magical origins (including a meeting with Merlin, who grows up to become the
female sorceress Magus-1), he
learns the Eye of Force can tap into nigh-inifinite sources of energy capable of unlocking new abilities that he
can incorporate into his power base, like fighters learning new martial arts disciplines.

I-Force is highly intelligent with an eidetic photographic memory, yet raised in Brooklyn as a scrapper, so he's ready to go toe-to-toe with anyo
ne without backing down, like Ben Grimm, like Muhammad Ali, like Rocky Balboa.  
Sufficiently fueled by energies appropriated by the Eye of
Force, there are few power limits to what I-Force can do. If he needs more power, the Eye of Force simply siphons more energy from any
available source. Theoretically, he could appropriate enough energy to
split a planet, move a moon, survive the core of a star, raise a
, or even more galactic challenge. Those feats are forever governed by the guidance of Paul Michaelson's humanity and spirit over
the Eye of Force,
magical stories just ahead.

As a New York fire fighter out of Brooklyn, Paul's squad responded to a fire at the Brooklyn Museum when an effort to save a fellow firefighter
resulted in his trapped exposure to vast amounts of raw sorcerous energy that was stored for hundreds of years within the Eye of Force, a my
sterious artifact tracing back to medieval times,  that were meant for the great wizard, Merlin!  The Eye of Force attached itself to Paul's chest a
nd unleashed energies that altered Paul's genetic code enabling him to absorb and store any form of energy and then re-deploy it in a number
of incredibly powerful ways.  After deep introspection, Paul decided to renounce official affiliations with any one country and dedicated all his t
ime to become an independent global force for humanity. Early in Paul's career, a madman gravimetrically anchored a planet-destroying device
that prevented all human attempts to defeat it met with failure, making the doomsday device an Earth-shattering "immovable object." Paul ulti
mately was able to muscle the immovable object and transport it safely into outer space where it exploded harmlessly. The mainstream media
went nuts and hyped the angle that Paul was the "In
finite Force" it took to defeat the deadly "Immovable Object" and save the world. Paul's
new monicker was soon shortened to just -Force, a name that stuck for good.  His widely publicized feats quickly earned him planetary
adulation over the years whether he was using his newfound power to minimize natural disasters, fight menacing threats or maximize global

I-Force regards himself as a protector for humanity and an upholder for legal justice, but his unique powers made him well-suited to assist
with global security as well. An offer was made and Paul accepted a position as a Unified Nations Honorary Global Security Advisor Pro-Tem.
When the global
"Neogen Flux" event began unfolding, Paul became inolved in UN efforts to investigate the phenomenon and to perhaps
learn more about humans undergoing changes not unlike his own. But in the orientation session, asteroids inexplicably broke through the
atmosphere. Once detected, I-Force rocketed to intercept the deadly rain, and six other gifted humans from six different nations stepped up
to assist.  Averting widescale disaster, I-Force then proposed that the seven of them form a permanent partnership to protect the Earth. A UN-
sponsored corps of Alliance Nations Guarding Earth Life, or ANGEL Corps, was born.


- I-Energy. Intake.  Paul's fusion with Merlin's greatest achievement, the Eye of Force, affords I-Force the ability to naturally absorb and store
massive amounts of any form of energy (kinetic, potential, thermal, gravitational, sound, light, elastic, and electromagnetic) but he also has
the ability to escalate the absorption process by willfully and aggressively absorbing more and more energies to "power up" to higher levels
(hyper force, super force, ultra force, mega force) which results in ever-increasing lightshows of ambient cascading energy arcs. Taught by
Merlin in his modern day incarnation as Magus One, I-Force can unlock devastatingly powerful attacks and forces such as The Thermal
Maelstrom, The Force Storm and Mega Force Warrior mode.  As I-Force's power levels rise, it grows increasingly challenging to reign it all in.
Under these conditions, gale force winds and electrical outages commence in I-Force's vicinity. The air around him becomes highly charged.  
At this point I-Force can re-deploy any portion of absorbed energy in a wide array of applications that follow:

- I-Shields. Imperviousness. I-Force's I-Shields are impervious to all known physical forms and energy and are always "on", imbedded in his
very skin even if he sleeps.  Coupled with his locationing powers, I-Force can psionically deploy, control, shape and extend his shielding into
multiple anti-gravity constructs such as tubes, walls, free floating objects, etc. with but a thought.  Using his I-Locationing powers (see below),
I-Force can project shielding positioned to ricochet his eye beams in any direction not unlike Darkseid's turning Omega beams.  Like Captain
America, I-Force has become a master of deflecting and ricocheting angles. I-Force's range of projection is about a half a mile in all directions.

- I-Locationing. Impeller. By virtue of a stream of pulsed waves, I-Force enjoys a spatial imaging system that allows I-Force to see through
objects like Daredevil's radar sense. This pulse wave is “on” all the time and gives I-Force a “threat sense” that alerts him to incoming
attacks, triggering his I-Shields to strengthen automatically. I-Force's range is about a half a mile in all directions.

- I-Vision. Intergalactic. Allows I-Force to see telescopically with a resolution of .098 arc seconds and able to detect 30th magnitude celestial
objects. This degree of resolution would enable I-Force to read the year off of a quarter a mile and a half away.

- I-Sensors. Imaging. Allows I-Force to detect and "see" a broad spectrum of energies; thermal, electromagnetic, magnetic, nuclear, chemical,
radiation, ultraviolet, etc.

- I-Strength. Inestimable. Extremely powerful Class 7+ Megahuman level strength (beyond the highest order tracked in the angelverse). In a
relaxed state, I-Force can lift 100 tons. In a power-assisted mode, I-Force has lifted and flown with the Glory of the Seas, the largest cruise
ship in the world weighing in over 220,000 tons with room to spar. As his strength increases, I-Force's physique augments accordingly
becoming bulkier and more muscular the more he amps up his own strength. His upper limits are not yet known. This energy also enhances I-
Force's speed, reaction and response times. His ground speed has been clocked at over 300 miles per hour.

- I-Flight. Impulse. In Earth's atmosphere, can employ psionic propulsion to achieve hypersonic Mach 10 at 2 miles per second or about 7500
mph.  In space, free of dragging elements, I-Force has approached light speeds with relative ease.

- I-Beam. Impact. Able to be beamed out of both eyes as concussive beams able to strike with force enough to send a 40 ton steel block
tumbling. I-Force can project this energy from his limbs as well, but they are more powerful as blasts from his eyes.

- I-Beam. Incendiary. Searing plasma heat beam up to 3.6 billion degrees Farenheit.

- I-Beam. Ice. Sub-zero temperature beams verified as low as -450 degrees Farenheit.

Note:  I-Force can only project one type of blast from his eyes at any given time. For instance, he cannot emit heat from one eye and ice from


The limits to I-Force's directed energy absorption ability depend on his ability to focus and his ability to ignore increasing pain. As the creator
of the Eye of Force, Magus-1, Sorceress Imperiosus (a female Merlin in the modern day), knows full well what the cosmic artifact he created
can do if used destructively, or if used for good. Accordingly, the Sorceress continues to train Paul on its full and projected capabilities.

With no new power to absorb, The Eye of Force still maintains a replenishing level of power that gives I-Force his basic formidable set of
powers (above) referred to as:

Alpha Force Mode
All powers as listed above. This is I-Force's relaxed state.

By absorbing more energy from the sun, from stars, from gravity and even from the movement of the Earth itself, I-Force can power up to new
levels such as:

Hyper Force Mode
Thermal Maelstrom - Plasma. At a higher level of absorbed power, I-Force can launch a roiling vortex of searing plasma.
Thermal Maelstrom - Sub-Zero. At this level, he is also capable of unleashing a Sub-Zero Ice cyclone.

Super Force Mode
Max Shields. At an even higher level of power absorption, I-Force can project and manipulate both his radar sense and force shields for
about fifty miles and control over 1,000 constructs simultaneously.
Invisibility. I-Force can bend light through his shields and achieve full-blown visual cloaking.

Ultra Force Mode
Force Storm. At still higher levels, I-Force can unleash the Force Storm, a tempest of cascading concussive blasts that resemble a powerful
lightning storm. Few can stand up to its chaotic fury.
Hyper-Light Speed. I-Force achieves faster than light speed in the Earth environment or in space. He can only use hyper-light speed
expenditures for a total of five minutes before he would need to re-power to achieve it again.

Mega Force Mode
Knight Force.  I-Force grows to colossal proportions wearing futuristic knight-like armor, possessing the Igus Shield and the Icalibur Blade, all
formed from the Eye of Force itself. I-Force appears very deific in this galactic warrior god-assault mode.
Mega Power. In this mode I-Force can project enough energy to achieve planetary destruction or move a moon under his own power. Mega
Force mode cannot be sustained for an extended length of time.  

Note:  I-Force can only project one type of blast from his eyes at any given time. For instance, he cannot emit heat from one eye and ice from

I-Force's replenishing absorption reaches an energy set point and he then operates from that level. I-Force can willfully continue to absorb
far beyond his working capacity but those upper limits are only now being explored with help of Magus-1. Moreover, at extreme levels of
energy absorption, I-Force would eventually require a massive release that some experts project could potentially match the energy released
in a massive solar flare or 6×10
25 joules of energy (about a sixth of the total energy output of the Sun each second). As such, this is an
extremely dangerous ability with which to experiment.

Strength Level Unassisted:
Class 1-A Baseline Human Range.
Level 5.
Can press 460 Lbs.

Strength Level Power-Assisted (Alpha Force Mode):
Class 7. Megahuman Range.
Has pressed 250,000 Tons (upper limit still being explored.)

The Eye of Force is a bright red convex elliptical artifact, created by the greatest sorceror that ever lived, Merlin Ambrosius. Intending to
retrieve it in the modern day, the artifact instead fused to his descendant, Paul Michaelson's, molecular structure. The Eye of Force
possesses every iota of the  incalculable collected sorcerous properties that were rampant during the peak of Earth's sorcerous medieval
age, a time when gods, dragons, krakens, griffins, sorcerors, wizards, witches, fairies, trolls and ogres owned the planet.  Though only wafer
thin, it is impenetrable and can absorb and re-direct absorbed energies as willed by its rightful user. The Eye of Force has a rarely used god-
killer battle mode that transforms I-Force into a giant armor clad warrior  with an enchanted shield and a sword.  
Igus - The shield is capable of changing its shape and can be used for throwing. Though it will return on its own, I-Force can force an earlier
return by willing it to reappear on his forearm.  
Icalibur - The sword is the sister sword to Excalibur dubbed Icalibur.

Though extremely powerful, using this mode leaves I-Force's physical body highly exhausted and his  fueling energies severely depleted
requiring hours to recharge.

Fighting Prowess: Paul received his first black belt in kung-fu when he was sixteen years old. When he enlisted in the marines, he earned a
black belt in Tae Kwon Do in Korea and proved a boxing juggernaut on the US Marines Boxing Team. Upon returning to the States, Paul
studied Jun Fan Jeet Kune under the original JKD Branch and developed modifications to the system of his own design.  Paul has Marine
military knowledge of combat tactics, weapons, marksmanship, ordnances and demolitions.

Weaknesses: It's hard to get the drop on I-Force with his I-Locationing radar but an opposing force could get close if they were disguised as a
normal non-threatening object, or if they suddenly materialized from another dimension. While I-Force is capable of light speeds in space, on
earth he is relegated to Mach 10. Still amazingly fast but but nowhere near the lightspeeds that some super-speedsters can achieve. To some
degree, I-Force's shields are always on but diverting all of his power to a singular feat of strength or an ultra-powerful concussive blast could
leave him vulnerable to impact injuries.    

Standard Nanotech Armored Protection Gear (SNAP-Gear), lightweight uniforming system equipped with onboard computer array, variable
feed power sources, life-support, networking and armored protection. A voice-activated onboard computer ties into tactical local and wide-
area networks using a “heads-up” holographic transparent 17-inch display panel while it monitors its wearer’s physiology. A shield mode
provides operatives head-to-toe protection.   
Adairian Adaptive memory molecules enable SNAP-GEAR uniforms to adapt to a host’s application of wide arrays of energies. SNAP-Gear is
able to transform into a small inventory of various non-combat outfits pre-loaded by its user.  
ANGEL Com (Communications Device), a neural transceiver implant that responds to basic cybernetic commands. The device utilizes ultra-
sophisticated cerebellinguistic algorithm codes to translate human languages. Once set, the device automatically translates and feeds
languages or dialects in one’s native tongue directly into the ear with an average translatability percentage ratio of 94.6% for all known
language patterns.