Name: Nefertiri Al-Taher
Hair: Black/Honey Gold/Black
(Nefertiri/Sahara/Sahara as a
Eyes: Dark Brown/White/Gold
Height: 5'8"/6'4"/6'4"
Weight: 130 Lbs./190 Lbs./1,200 Lbs.
Birth Country: Egypt
Birth City: Alexandria
Occupation:  Egyptologist
Group Affiliation: ANGEL Corps
Base of Operations: The Synidome
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Origins:  Being the daughter of the Egyptian Prime Minister, Rachid Ali Al-Taher and his wife, Fayza Karim Al-Taher, requires a delicate
balance. But
Nefertiri Hadi Al-Taher grew up into a respectful, diplomatic and demure young lady and gained a deep knowledge of
Egyptology by working closely with master Egyptologist
Hasni Bassir.  During the same window of time the media later referred to as "The
Neogen Flux."
Hasni arranged for Nefertiri to travel to the city of Tell Basta to accompany him on a  once-in-a-lifetime expedition to explore
a newly discovered ancient temple dedicated to the cat-goddess of war,
Bastet, written about by Herodotus in the 5th century.  The pair
was ecstatic to encounter an enormous, immaculate and ornate temple surrounded by a huge stone wall, all in mint condition.  The temple’
s 60 foot entrance, interior and sides had been cleared by a team under the management of
Hassan Ahmed Shafiq, one of Hasni’s trusted
associates.  Upon entering, Nefertiri and Hasni were able to negotiate a labyrinthine maze of passages and decipher a complex panel of
obscure heiroglyphs. Pushing a final keystone unlocked a huge chamber containing a breathtaking alabaster statue of Bastet encrusted
with priceless gold, jewels and talismans.  Hassan and two cronies pulled weapons and began stealing the priceless items from the statue
of Bastet despite Nefertiri’s and Hasni’s warnings.  After they had bagged a number of items, the chamber roared sounding like a huge
feline and rumbled violently as if an earthquake was triggering. With Hassan knocked off-balance, Nefertiri attempted to wrest the gun from
his hands but she and Hasni were both shot in the abdomen and left for dead. The robbers fled the self-destructing chamber with their loot
to escape the destruction as Hassan sealed them in. Nefertiri was filled with rage and cursed after them swearing vengeance as the
temple continued to shake violently. The statue of Bastet toppled on top of Nefertiri, trapping her beneath it as a large golden
ankh shaken
from the chest of the statue landed in her dying hand. Imbedded glyphs appeared to glow in her hand that read,
“Commit thy soul to
vanquishing your enemies and know the fearsome power of Bastet.”
A stone wall collapsed and sand began pouring in, burying Nefertiri
and Hasni alive as the rumbling ceased. After a couple of beats, the sands stirred again and began retreating from the chamber freeing
both Nefertiri and Hasni. Nefertiri emerged completely changed and commanding the powers of the goddess, Bastet.  She exited the
chamber and exacted revenge on her would-be killers. She returned to a wounded, unconscious Hasni Bassir and transported him to the
nearest medical facility where he eventually recovered. Nefertiri returned the temple to the way it was and re-buried it wholly under the
shifting sands of Egypt vowing to exact vengeance on those committing evil acts.
Powers:  Nefertiri embodies the spirit of Bastet, giving her access to the power of the Egyptian cat-goddess of war. This allows Nefertiri to
transform into Sahara, affording her the Class 4 suprahuman level strength to press 50 tons. She boasts Class 7 Megahuman reflexes, the
fastest category known. Sahara is nearly impervious to injury and enjoys an H16 Healing factor, the highest order known.  She also can
psionically generate and control large volumes of super-heated sand. This ability allows her to supplement her own strength even further
and enables her flight by allowing her to ride a cloud of sand. Finally, Nefertiri can will herself to transform partially or entirely into a 6'4"
tall and 12'4" long ebony version of the largest cat ever to walk the Earth, the sabre-tooth felid. In this form she can leap distances of 75
yards, can climb up the sides of sheer buildings and can utilize razor sharp claws and 18-inch serrated canines to puncture or shred plated
steel. These are made of a substance approximating disruptium, a metal that can short-circuit energies on contact.
Strength Level Unassisted:
Class 1-A Baseline Human Range.
Level 3.
Can press 300 Lbs.
Strength Level Power-Assisted:
Class 4. Suprahuman Range.
Level 4.
Can press 50 tons.
Fighting Prowess:  Though Nefertiri has only had recent training in martial arts, As Sahara she can access the formidable warrior skills from
Bastet. This, coupled with her Megahuman level reflexes and resistance to injury enable her to attack and counter-attack with a high
degree of effectiveness.  
Standard Nanotech Armored Protection Gear (SNAP-Gear), Lightweight uniforming system equipped with onboard computer array, variable
feed power sources, life-support, networking and armored protection. A voice-activated onboard computer ties into tactical local and wide-
area networks using a “heads-up” holographic transparent 17-inch display panel while it monitors its wearer’s physiology. A shield mode
provides operatives head-to-toe protection.   
Adairian Adaptive memory molecules enable SNAP-GEAR uniforms to adapt to a host’s application of wide arrays of energies. SNAP-Gear is
able to transform into a small inventory of various non-combat outfits pre-loaded by its user.  
ANGEL Com (Communications Device), a neural transceiver implant that responds to basic cybernetic commands. The device utilizes ultra-
sophisticated cerebellinguistic algorithm codes to translate human languages. Once set, the device automatically translates and feeds
languages or dialects in one’s native tongue directly into the ear with an average translatability percentage ratio of 94.6% for all known
language patterns.