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Origins:  During the global "Neogen Flux" event,  Daciana won the right to the priceless Wolfstone by defeating its former possessor who
was terrorizing her city of birth. In the weeks that followed, the Wolfstone's powers unfolded for Daciana in a way she could barely control.
In the process her body became inhabited by two demonic Pleziad familiars who killed her best friend before she realized she could exert
some control over them. Now she struggles to keep them both under her control.  As news of
"The Neogen Flux" circulated, Daciana
believed that the event was the cause of her bewildering changes. Shunned by her friends and family and hearing news of the Unified
Nations' efforts to examine the phenomena with the best minds and technology in the world, she flew to New York to learn more about her
condition.  Learning the Wolfstone's creator was an ancient Dacian sorceress named Ayratezia, she was given the operative name by
Exigon, one of  the ANGEL Corps' venerated combat systems trainers.   
Powers:  Daciana has a powerful ability to animate and control  inanimate objects. She is also able to unleash a pair of Pleziad familiars,
arcane squid-like entities that attach to opponents in order to temporarily siphon their energies into Ayratezia.
Strength Level Unassisted:
Class 1-A Baseline Human Range.
Level 1.
Can press 80 Lbs.
Strength Level Power-Assisted:
Class 3. Hyperhuman Range.
Level 2.
Can press 10 Tons.  
Arsenal:  Owns the Wolfstone, an ancient artifact of great power carved from legendary white lupinite crystal that she wears around her
neck. When great physical force is needed, the Wolfstone allows Ayratezia to morph into a mystical white werewolf from Romanian lore that
boasts huge teeth, crushing jaw power, curved talons, great speed, strength and resistance to injury.  
Fighting Prowess: Daciana is an expert using her special Thracian single-handed Falx,  a scythe-like hand weapon, carved from Dampenite,
a metal that absorbs and nullifes impacts.
Standard Nanotech Armored Protection Gear (SNAP-Gear), lightweight uniforming system equipped with onboard computer array, variable
feed power sources, life-support, networking and armored protection. A voice-activated onboard computer ties into tactical local and wide-
area networks using a “heads-up” holographic transparent 17-inch display panel while it monitors its wearer’s physiology. A shield mode
provides operatives head-to-toe protection.   
Adairian Adaptive memory molecules enable SNAP-GEAR uniforms to adapt to a host’s application of wide arrays of energies. SNAP-Gear is
able to transform into a small inventory of various non-combat outfits pre-loaded by its user.  
ANGEL Com (Communications Device), a neural transceiver implant that responds to basic cybernetic commands. The device utilizes ultra-
sophisticated cerebellinguistic algorithm codes to translate human languages. Once set, the device automatically translates and feeds
languages or dialects in one’s native tongue directly into the ear with an average translatability percentage ratio of 94.6% for all known
language patterns.
Name: Daciana Cylano Marku
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 Lbs.
Birth Country: Romania
Birth City: Sibiu
Occupation:  Art Gallery Owner
Group Affiliation: ANGEL Corps
Base of Operations: The Synidome
Character: Sophisticated,
cultured, dark and mischievous.  
She loves her abilities to
manipulate dark forces and revels
in their incredible power.  She
prefers the night over the day and
is man-crazy.