In Junior High, Eric migrated from DC into Marvel and his mind exploded once again (Thanks Teddy and Jeff Hoffman!) Indie titles were popping
out of the woodwork too. It was brain-candy of the highest order,
an entirely new mythology. Zeus and Mercury became Thor and Flash! Eric
was now not only reading comics now, but he was tracing them, copying the figures, learning to draw from comics, inventing his own
super-heroes and monsters! Eric is lucky he didn't turn into a comic! Truth be told, Eric was havin' a freakin'

He absorbed the mind-boggling works of many iconic greats of artistic comic stylings such as Byrne, Buscema, Starlin, McFarlane, Lee, Gulacy,  
Keown, Kirby, Adams, Perez, Simonson, Steranko, Davis, Golden, all amazing artists! But all comic book fun aside, a sensible white collar job in
management became bread and butter for him. He loves the work, he loves the people and that money continues to help him pay the bills.  So,
to keep his wife Jackie loaded up with the requisite shopping funds, he opted
not to gamble on a risky comic book venture that might go
south. He had seen friends try it unsuccessfully before and thought he better keep it strictly a sideline where it would have to take a back seat
for a lonnnng time and, even today, it's strictly a spare time pursuit.

Undaunted, Eric kept watching other phenomenal artists cycle through. Artists so talented that they give other artists self-doubts about ever
being "that good." But Eric figured out that it's often not so important to be "that good." Maybe it's just important enough to be "good" in one's
own way, to have a point of view, a "take," a "spin" and maybe a knack for writing. So many things
"have been done." It takes hardcore
creativity to keep things
fresh, to create a spin that hasn't been played out. This is an area in which Eric feels he will excel. He feels he can rise
to all those challenges if he tries very hard. As long as Eric has been reading comics, he's seen pretty much everything that's been done but
he sure doesn't feel the ideas are tapped out just yet! Eric's got a truckload of them still!

So with that mindset, Eric simply got serious and disciplined about the work. Just how much
CAN one guy knock out if he's brainstorming,
writing, scripting, pencilling, inking, scanning, coloring, lettering, website developing and getting his own coffee? Well, a surprising lot if it's all
he does outside of his "real" job.  So we'll see. Initial feedback on characters and concepts has been very positive. Sometimes outstanding. He
looks to carry that over into every issue. Yeah, he's been working his buns off. But loving every minute of it.

THAT'S why Leading Edge Comics and his first project, ANGELCORPS: Advanced Neo-Genetic Emergent Lifeforms came into being.  
Hopefully, it will drop your jaw as well and give you a little of that "Ooooh, that's cooool" feeling ya had when ya picked up yer first superhero
comic book! That's what happened to me way back when and I hope to give readers a little taste of how cool that feeling was back in the day!  
Eric triggered the work on Issue 3 In August 2016. Stay tooned!
Eric Linquist? Who the heck is Eric Linquist? Well, whoever he was, he certainly wouldn't have gotten there without his beautiful wife Jacqueline,
who was nicknamed "Boo" long before it was used in pop culture.  She's always been there and is a creative force in her own right.  Beyond that,
Eric was simply a guy who always wanted to get into making comics but was busy working that normal nine to five to pay the bills. That's still
happening today but, hey, he's learning how to manage his time better.

How did all this start? In Tampa, when he was about 9 years old. A neighborhood kid (the boy genius, Jack Rosenquist!) introduced little Eric to
the Justice League and all its resident heroes and heroines - Supes, Bats, WW, Flash, GL, Hawkdude, Aquaman, GA, Atom and JJ the MM. Eric
wasn't just taken with them, he got seriously
hooked!  Eric obsessed over acquiring more and more titles and would read them religiously.  His
Dad, rest his soul, would take him to the Interbay Comic Book Store and let him buy hundreds at a time and then not hear a peep out of him for
(Ah, a method to the madness!)
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