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Name: Achillax Theron
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 300 Lbs.
Birth Country: Greece
Birth City: Sparta
Occupation:  UFC Fighter
Group Affiliation: ANGEL Corps
Base of Operations: The Synidome
Character:  Spartan possesses a
fearless and heroic warrior’s
spirit. He loves combat and is
jovial around those he likes. He is
frank and courageous, helping
those in need.
Origins: Achillax is a legendary
warrior born in ancient Sparta,
exceptionally skilled in all the
martial arts of his day, many
undocumented. Orphaned early
and initiated into warrior training
at the youngest age possible,
Achillax fought in wars between 15
and 21, fought gladitorially
between 21 and 23 and acted as
an instructor across the world
from 23 to 28, both teaching and
learning warrior disciplines from
around the planet. During this
time he went on many amazing
adventures such that between his
heroic exploits and his gladitorial
skills, he won the favor of the
gods who, over time, bestowed
upon him four powerful gifts to
help make him a warrior without
peer: The Crested Helmet of the
Delphi, The Hephaestus Shield,
The Sickle Sword of Cronus and
the Herakles Gauntlet. He also
was befriended by a huge
enchanted lion and her cub who
became his pets. Regarded by
some as the Gladiator of the Gods,
another powerful warrior
competed with Achillax for an
appointment as a high-ranking
general for an upcoming war. The
competitor cheated and defeated
Achillax in front of the Greek
people and set him up as a traitor.
Achillax was stripped of his
weapons and imprisoned for a
time but escaped and regained his
rightful armaments. When he came
after his adversary with his loyal
pets, his adversary had recruited
a sorceror for protection who
hurled him and his pets through
time into the modern day. The
sorceror also helped remove all
traces of his existence wiping
Spartan from the pages of history.
Spartan landed confused in mid-
town Manhattan and soon came
up against ANGEL Corps.
Powers:  Achillax's abilities stem
from four objects of great power:

1) The Crested Helmet of Delphi
Stolen from the netherworld it
provides 360 degree vision.
2) Hephaegis - An antigravity
shield that deflects energy back at
its originator as it floats around its
owner (or can be worn). It was
forged by Hephaestus and imbued
with enchantments.
3) The Sickle-Sword of Cronus - A
sickle-sword that slices through
4) The Herakles Gauntlet - Gives
its wearer god-like physical
Strength Level Unassisted:
Class 1-A Baseline Human Range.
Level 6.
Can press 600 Lbs.
Strength Level Power-Assisted:
Class 7. Megahuman Range.
Upper limit unknown.
Fighting Prowess:
Achillax is a
combatant at the peak of human
perfection. He has experience in
hundreds of conventional and
obscure martial arts and weapons
uses. Achillax went undefeated
facing the most formidable  
adversaries of ancient Greek
Standard Nanotech Armored
Protection Gear (SNAP-Gear),
lightweight uniforming system
equipped with onboard computer
array, variable feed power
sources, life-support, networking
and armored protection. A voice-
activated onboard computer ties
into tactical local and wide-area
networks using a “heads-up”
holographic transparent 17-inch
display panel while it monitors its
wearer’s physiology. A shield
mode provides operatives head-
to-toe protection.   
Adairian Adaptive memory
molecules enable SNAP-GEAR
uniforms to adapt to a host’s
application of wide arrays of
energies. SNAP-Gear is able to
transform into a small inventory of
various non-combat outfits pre-
loaded by its user.  
ANGEL Com (Communications
Device), a neural transceiver
implant that responds to basic
cybernetic commands. The device
utilizes ultra- sophisticated
cerebellinguistic algorithm codes
to translate human languages.
Once set, the device automatically
translates and feeds languages or
dialects in one’s native tongue
directly into the ear with an
average translatability percentage
ratio of 94.6% for all known
language patterns.