Name: Katsu Akihito / Miya Kobi
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 Lbs.
Birth Country: Japan
Birth City: Yokohama
Group Affiliation: ANGEL Corps
Base of Operations: The Synidome
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Origins: Hoshi was born Katsu Akihito, the daughter of a Izo Akihito, a Japanese assassin working within a league of assassins, and his wife
Satomi. Katsu  was 3 when wife Satomi found out what Izo did for a living. She secreted Katsu  away and settled into a small remote village
where she successfully escaped Izo’s influence for a time. Four years later, Izo, in ninja assassin garb to hide his identity, located the pair and
assassinated Satomi, although she surprised him with her efforts to put up a defense. She had gotten some training in the village. Katsu  
entered the room just as Izo finished strangling his wife.  Katsu  did not recognize her father, but did notice the torn clothing on his back
whisked her back to Yokohama. Darkened by the death of her mother, Izo thought Katsu  displayed potential for following his footsteps as a
lethal assassin and began training her in martial arts, ninja and samurai skills, and both conventional and obscure weaponry. She was like a
sponge, mastering discipline after discipline as Izo took his assassination league to a multi-million dollar enterprise. One day when he felt she
was ready, Izo informed Katsu  that he had located her mother’s killer and, working with one of his best teams, sent her on her first mission to
assassinate the target, who was actually the financier of a rival assassin group. The financier’s handsome son, Mitsuaki, walked in during the
mission but Katsu was was convinced he was not affiliated with the deeds of his father. Katsu  was also very attracted to him and opted not to
kill him. The mission was successful and Katsu  felt her vengeance was satisfied, but she also found the adrenalin pump of assassination
intoxicating. At her father’s behest, she willingly completed hundreds of missions more, becoming the top assassin in her father’s organization.
Soon Katsu  met Mitsuaki again and fell in love with him, but she could dare not let him know her secrets. Izo objected to the romance but
Katsu  defied him. Enraged Izo sent his premiere hit squad to have Mitsuaki taken out and this occurred during the event that would later
become known as
"The Neogen Flux." Katsu  learned of the mission and intervened in order to protect her lover, but he had already been
informed that she had killed his father. Mitsuaki rejected her as assassins poured into the building. Katsu  was able to dispatch many of them
but not before they murdered Mitsuaki, who dies in her arms forgiving her. Katsu  returned and confronted her father where he provoked a
fight by backhanding her. The two fought madly until Katsu  ripped Izo’s clothing from his back revealing the fiery dragon head she
remembered during her mother's murder, pinpointing her father as her mother’s killer. Psychologically overwhelmed with the prospect of the
lie of a life she has lived, she was thrown off-kilter and faltered under Izo’s onslaught. Soon she was at his mercy and just as he was about to
deliver a killing blow, her intense emotions of hatred and anger welled up inside of her, manifesting into  an expulsion of stellar energy that
knocked him clear across the room. Regaining her cold composure, she was unable to duplicate the blast but still managed to defeat Izo
completely. Just as she was about to deliver a killing blow, his assassin squad broke into the room. She held them off b y managing to fire off a
few more stellar blasts and escaped. She vowed to end her father’s evil but became aware of the UN efforts to examine
"The Neogen Flux"
phenomenon. With nothing else left in her life she assembled a new identity as Miya  Kobi and  headed for New York. Once her ability to
manipulate stellar energies was identified, she was given the code name Hoshi which means “star” in Japanese.
 Katsu's body absorbs ambient stellar energy from, primarily, the sun, due to its proximity to Earth. This energy can give her enhanced
strength and durability, flight, and the ability to fire stellar energy blasts in the form of high-energy pulse projectiles resembling small stars.
Strength Level Unassisted:
Class 1-A Baseline Human Range.
Level 3.
Can press 200 Lbs.
Strength Level Power-Assisted:
Class 2-B. Extrahuman Range.
Level 10.
Can press 4 Tons.
Fighting Prowess: Taught from age 7 in the disciplines of ninjas, samurais, conventional and unconventional weaponry, Katsu is a deadly
opponent even without megahuman powers. She has been regarded as one of the most formidable assassins in the world.
Standard Nanotech Armored Protection Gear (SNAP-Gear), lightweight uniforming system equipped with onboard computer array, variable feed
power sources, life-support, networking and armored protection. A voice-activated onboard computer ties into tactical local and wide-area
networks using a “heads-up” holographic transparent 17-inch display panel while it monitors its wearer’s physiology. A shield mode provides
operatives head-to-toe protection.   
Adairian Adaptive memory molecules enable SNAP-GEAR uniforms to adapt to a host’s application of wide arrays of energies. SNAP-Gear is able
to transform into a small inventory of various non-combat outfits pre-loaded by its user.  
ANGEL Com (Communications Device), a neural transceiver implant that responds to basic cybernetic commands. The device utilizes ultra-
sophisticated cerebellinguistic algorithm codes to translate human languages. Once set, the device automatically translates and feeds
languages or dialects in one’s native tongue directly into the ear with an average translatability percentage ratio of 94.6% for all known
language patterns.