Okay, yeah, it's really a Lexicon-Slash-Glossary, but "Linqsicon" sounded so much cooler!!

ANGELCom © - A neural transceiver implant developed in The U.N.'s Behavioral and
Social Science Wing that can respond to basic cybernetic commands. The device utilizes
ultra sophisticated cerebellinguistic algorithm codes to translate human languages.
Once set, the device automatically translates and feeds languages or dialects in one’s
native tongue directly into the ear with an average translatability percentage ratio
of 94.6% for all known language patterns.

Adairian ("Double-A") Adaptive Molecules © - A revolutionary new strain of
lab-engineered molecules that can be triggered to transform into duplicates of
adjacent molecules.  This enhancement enables SNAP-Gear uniforms to adapt to any
host’s application of wide arrays of energies.

Arkon - The trident of P'Sydon. While P'Sydon possesses the power to manipulate earth and rock without his trident, Arkon enables him to
create and control sources of water. With it, he can call up geysers, waterspouts and generate massive sea storms.

Bands of Blaise - A pair of enchanted forearm gauntlets that enable their rightful user to fire blasts of compressed space that can hit like
a rocketing wrecking ball and explode
on contact.

Bastet - The Egyptian cat-goddess of war that fuels the powers of Nefertiri Al-Taher (Sahara) granting her suprahuman strength, warrior
skills, megahuman reflexes, resistance to injuries and the ability to manipulate super-heated sands. Additionally, Bastet confers the ability
to shapeshift into a huge and powerful sabre-tooth felid.

Cerebellinguistic © - Relating to a connection between the Wernicke and Broca language portions of the brain and the cerebellum, which
new  research points to being analogous to a powerful computer, capable of making contributions both to the motor dexterity and to the
mental dexterity of humans, both of which are required for the emergence of fluent human language.

Crested Helmet of Delphi - Stolen from the netherworld, a warrior helmet that provides users with 360 degree vision and unsurpassed
head protection. Currently used by Achillax Theron (Spartan).

Daqqsian Spiral - The name of the galaxy we live in as assigned by the first aliens to begin exploring space, the Imperion Republic.

Dampenite - A metal alloy that absorbs and nullifies impacts.

Ebonox Core - A jet-black, obelisk-shaped artifact from ancient Babylon possessing intense power of unknown origin.  When separated
from a human host, the artifact maintains its obelisk form. Upon contact with the blood of a worthy human host, the obelisk unites with
them, bestowing its great power upon them. The current host, Linc West aka Crossfire, gained the power to psionically project black
liquid-like energies and instantly mind-shape them into manipulatable complex floating hard-surfaced constructs.

Cloak of Ambrosius - An enchanted cape once owned by Merlin himself, the cloak is a seemingly sentient article capable of independent
thought in much the same manner as a loyal pet. The cloak grants its wearer the power of flight and provides life support under harsh

Engel's Humaniform Force Exertion Scale - Developed by Senior Director of Biochemistry under the Unified Nations Department of Global
Science, Dr. Jonas Engel, the exertion scale is a detailed hierarchy categorizing varying known strength levels from humans to

Eye of Force - Of unknown origin, the convex, elliptical Eye of Force is wafer thin but once housed all of the magical forces of the
medieval era. The exterior is impenetrable until the object unloads its stores. The Eye is owned by I-Force now and it locks into place on
his chest. By tapping it once and uttering the phrase "Eye Arise,"  the Eye expands into a circular shield that appears on his right
forearm.  The shield is capable of changing its shape and can be used for throwing. Though it will return on its own, I-Force can intercept
the path by saying “Eye Return” and it will instantly reappear on his forearm.

Falx - A Thracian single-handed scythe-like hand weapon. Ayratezia possesses one that can absorb and nullify impacts as it is carved from
Dampenite. She is considered an expert in its usage.

Galactic Passage (G-Pass) - A galactic navigational system designed by an Imperion/Klessolian partnership that utilizes a Galactic
Positioning System (GPS)  to provide efficient and fast travel across the galaxy to pre-set wormhole exits for ships appropriately
equipped. Ships' own drives complete their journeys and cut travel-time significantly. Planets, ports and stations near the various G-Pass
exits have garnered increasing growth and popularity. GPS uses self-correcting Quantum-Pulse Locationing Beacons (Q-Lobes) along
three galactic axes that send out a continual quantum-resonance pulse that can be received by appropriately equipped vessels called
GCV's (G-Pass Certified Vessels).

GCV - G-Pass Certified Vessels. These vessels utilize Imperion and Klessolian technologies to process GPS Q-Lobe signals to navigate
across the galaxy.

G-SEC - Shortened form of The Unified Nations Department of Global Security. This is the Department under which ANGEL Corps is

Helmet of Caliburn - Caliburn is an alternate name for Excalibur, King Arthur's legendary sword. Excalibur was eventually re-forged by the
daughter of the Lady of the Lake, Ferin of the Falls, into the Helmet of Caliburn which bestows upon its rightful wearer a vast quantum
dimensional awareness and control over the Nexus Field of Energy that separates dimensional space. The helmet allows its user to
create portals that manifest as floating, manipulatable fields or pulse-blasts of energy that can transport objects upon contact. Users also
have the ability to receive a spatial map of any area on Earth for a range of 20 miles.

Hephaegis - An enchanted antigravity shield forged by the blacksmith to the gods, Hephaestus, that deflects energy back at its originator.
It is impenetrable and can be "set" to float around its owner or can be worn.

Heracles Gauntlet - A single forearm gauntlet with telescoping spikes that gives its wearer god-like physical strength.

Hydropotamia -

Hyper-Way - Referred to as the "Hy-Way," a structured wormhole network created as a result of an Imperion/Klessolian partnership.

I-Force © - Paul Michaelson, the world's first known megahuman who has come to possess multiple sets of synergenetic DNA strains that
have granted him miraculous powers and abilities such as mighty strength, shields, speed, energy emissions and more. He has used
these gifts for the betterment of all mankind over the last few years.

Imperi - The planet of the first highly-advanced, empathic life forms to achieve interstellar travel, known as the Imperion Republic. They
regard themselves as stewards of the galaxy and established a universal edict recognizing the right for all life forms to benignly seek
happiness. The Imperions drove the recent completion of a Hyper-Way and Galactic Passage transportation infrastructure.

Ion-Plasmic Bioelectric Energy - A unique instantly-replenishing life energy found in Charger's body that can be projected to shock,
disrupt, heat or augment power. The intense energy also fuels Charger's technopathy and healing abilities.

M.E.G.A. - an acronymial nickname for humans who have recently developed new advanced abilities beyond original Homo Sapiens.
Stands for Maximum Genetic Evolutionary Advancements. The acronym is incorporated into the term
megahumans, used as a catch-all
reference to describe humans who have abilities beyond original Homo Sapiens.  
"The crane fell off the building but a Mega's (or
flew in and caught it before it could injure the crowds."

Megahumans - a catch-all reference to describe humans who have abilities beyond original Homo Sapiens. Stems from the acronym M.E.G.
A. meaning Maximum Genetic Evolutionary Advancements.
"When the aliens starting attacking, a group of megahumans fought back to
protect the city."

M.P.F. Thrusters ©  - MPF is an acronym for Micropulsed Plasma Fusion. Developed by Senior Propulsion Scientist at Propulsion
Solutions, Inc., Dr. Werner von Dannenburg from Germany, first generation Micropulsed Plasma Fusion Thrusters employ a technology
that can allow a small craft to negate the pulling effects of gravity.  Research is in progress to develop a method of expanding this
technology to work on larger craft.

Nalea and Nemo - Nalea is an enchanted female pet lioness belonging to Achillax Theron (Spartan). She and her lion cub Nemo boast
impenetrable skin. They both disappeared during the same event that displaced Achillax to the modern day, whereabouts currently

Neogen Flux - The name given to the global phenomenon that triggered recent maximum evolutionary genetic advancements in random
members of Earth's human race.

Nexus - The Nexus is an infinite field of energy that separates dimensions that serve as the superstructure for all reality.  Since
disruption of the field can create havoc with the fabric of reality, the Nexus requires guardians to protect and prevent mis-use of it.
Warpath is the guardian for this section of the universe.

Oblivion Expanse - An timeless extradimensional realm of nothingess that nullifies the senses. Anyone drifting in the Oblivion Expanse
cannot sense any others who may be trapped there as well.

Omniety - An apparently divine entity that created and gave direction to an elite team of warrior angels designed to protect mankind.

Pleziads - Arcane squid-like entities that attach to life forms in order to temporarily siphon their energies into a host.

Quantum-Pulse Locationing Beacons - Also called Q-Lobes, part of the Imperion Galactic Passage Network's Galactic Positioning System
(GPS), sets of self-correcting beacons along three galactic axes that send out a continual quantum-resonance pulse that can be received
by appropriately equipped vessels called GCV's (G-Pass Certified Vessels). These signals are used by space-travelers for all navigational

Quantum Resonance Cryptomatter - A theoretical particle created by mankind using a massive, specially-adapted collider, though it's
fleeting existence ruptured a passageway from the timeless extradimensional Oblivion Expanse into our world. While that rift healed, it
enabled the Omniety's angels and P'Sydon, who were trapped there, to escape into modern day Earth.

Sambo - A Russian system of formidable martial arts practiced by Sergei Borzkoff (Magnum).

Science Bay Alpha - Also known as Sci-Bay Alpha, the Unified Nations' and possibly the world's, most advanced research facility and the
home to the research initiative looking into the phenomenon dubbed"The Sapien Shift" across the globe.

Sickle-Sword of Cronus - A sickle-sword reputedly used by the Titan Cronus in an ambush against Uranus. In the hands of its rightful
owner, it slices through anything. Currently awarded to Achillax Theron (Spartan).

S.N.A.P.-Gear © - S.N.A.P. is an acronym that stands for Standard Nanotech Armored Protection.  Developed by U.N. Scientist IV, Dr. Mirai Ki
from Japan, SNAP-Gear is a lightweight tactical and protective uniforming system that employs a latticework of interlaced carbon-plasma
nanotubes providing a shielding 100 times stronger than the strongest high carbon steel.  
(See Technology page.) Couple with Adairian
Adaptive molecule technologies
(See Technology page.), the uniforms can function in synch with a variety of energies. Some versions
include an onboard computer array, variable feed power sources and more.  

Staff of the Dine' -

Synergenetic - The interaction of two or more sets of biological DNA wherein their combined effect is greater than the sum of their
individual effects.

Synidome - The nickname for the expanded, re-designed headquarters for the Unified Nations in Manhattan, N.Y. The site spans 18 blocks
and contains some of the most advanced research facilities in the world, not to mention the base of operations for the ANGEL Corps team.

The Unified Nations - The Unified Nations, also known as the U.N., is a combined organizational partnership between 198 independent
countries working to improve the planet Earth. Formed in 1945, the U.N. was re-chartered ten years ago when it became the recipient and
steward of a massive fiscal injection of billions of dollars from undisclosed sources.  That super-funding enabled the U.N. to improve
almost every aspect of their world-embracing operation including a financial oversight committee charged with tracking allocation of the

Univercell - A human cell capable of instantly transforming with but a thought into any other kind of human cell. For instance, a univercell
can transform instantly from a skin cell to a muscle cell to a bone cell to a nerve cell to a brain cell, etc. Univercells are only know to
exists in the body of Adam Bloodworth (Corpus) and they turn to vapor when separated from the main body. Adam's sentience is able to
be supported by even a single univercell.

Wingrunner © - A U.N.-developed portable, anti-gravity, weaponizable transportation shuttle.  SUV-sized and VTOL capable, they use
Micropulsed Plasma Fusion (MPF) thrusters for propulsion and can be armed with various offensive and defensive equipment, including

Wolfstone - An artifact of great power created by an ancient Dacian sorceress carved from legendary white lupinite crystal that enables its
rightful owner to transform into a mystical white werewolf from Romanian lore that boasts huge teeth, crushing jaw power, curved talons,
great speed, strength and resistance to injury.  
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