Entire nations grow nervous when random citizens intermittently manifest powerful abilities they cannot
explain. Dubbed "synergenetics," apprehensive governments arrange for them to attend controlled
evaluations in the U.N.’s ultra-advanced labs when an unfolding mega-disaster entangles the boldest
half-dozen to work against the clock in order to save millions of lives!

Welcome to the home website of ANGELCORPS, Allied Nations Guarding Earth Life, a bold new take on
Earthlings endowed with new and potentially dangerous powers!  Independently created by newcomer
Eric Linquist, this fresh take on classic super-heroes starts with Science Bay Alpha, an advanced super-
funded Unified Nations research facility that has been charged with getting to the bottom of reports
alleging humans are displaying dangerous powers and abilities they often cannot control. Nervous
governments help pass a U.N. resolution that will charge ultra-advanced Science Bay Alpha with
verifying whether or not humans really are being imbued with dangerous new abilities, notoriuosly
difficult to prove up to now.

It's not that the idea of a super-powered Earthling is so revolutionary. It's just that in the last ten years,
there has only been one on the entire planet. A guy named I-Force. A guy who used to be a
Manhattanite named Paul Michaelson, but his world changed when he suddenly became able to
psionically absorb and store any form of energy (kinetic, potential, thermal, gravitational, sound, light,
elastic, and electromagnetic) and use it to generate incredibly powerful strength, propulsion and
psionic shields in an instant. His eyes, which can see telescopically and detect a broad spectrum of
energies, became able to function as energy emitters able to project wide or narrow beams of  heat,
cold or concussive force at the speed of thought.

No one has been able to determine how or why it happened. It just happened. Just as the life-changing
gifts of these powers changed his world, he decided to use his powers to try and change the world in a
classically heroic manner.  I-Force soon became known as the world's first global hero, using his gifts to
save millions of lives, expediting aid, fighting disasters, negotiating solutions and combatting crimes. In
fact, much of the world regard him as some sort of Earth-bound angel.

Now, are there more angels in the wings?

The First Six Members of the ANGELCORPS Team (Top to Bottom: Corpus, Magnum, Crossfire, Charger, Warpath and Hybrid)
Can people from different nations, with different
backgrounds, with different values and different
upbringings now step up for their home countries,
and for the world, to work together as part of a
U.N.-sponsored team to keep Earth safe from harm?

They're going to have to give it their best shot
because Earth is about to undergo some serious

And this is what I wrote on the inside cover of the
first issue! Enjoy, Angelites!

"If men were angels, no government would be
necessary. "
- James Madison (1751 - 1836)

It is ten year's into Earth's future and ten years after
the inexplicable emergence of the first
synergenetic human, Paul Michaelson!  A
Manhattanite who became capable of impossible
energy-wielding  feats, Michaelson used his gifts in
a classically heroic manner to became a global
humanitarian for good named I-Force!  But now a
rash of energy-wielding incidents have purportedly
sprung up around the globe and apprehensive
governments, perceiving a dangerous threat, agree
to use a super-funded, state-of-the-art U.N. and
their advanced research facility to get answers!  
Suspected synergenetic nationals are volunteered
to Science Bay Alpha smoothly when an unfolding
mega-disaster compels the boldest of them to work
against the clock in order to save millions of lives!

Welcome to the first Issue of ANGELCORPS - Allied
Nations Guarding Earth Life - where nations
worldwide populate U.N. teams of powerful
operatives to help protect life on Earth!  Or are
there ulterior motives in play?   Will ANGELCorps be
used to advance the globalization of Earth? Will
newfound powers divide up Earth's biggest players
or will Earth's biggest players divide the newfound
powers?  Ride along as this blistering,
action-packed and, at times, humorous new series
takes you soaring, where super-powered characters
get realistic treatment and where power, corruption
and subterfuge keep the savviest readers guessing
issue after issue!

Strap in tight as Writer/Artist Eric Linquist delivers
ANGELCorp fans a little taste of Heaven on a ride to
Hell and back!

Halos optional.

Eric "E-Man" Linquist
The United Nations evolved differently in the Angelverse as The Unified Nations: it's bigger, better, more advanced and a more fiscally
powerful global entity than what you know! Check
the Unified Nations page for more detail!

For years now, the Earth has been blessed with its first global superhero, a Brooklyn fire fighter named
Paul Leon Michaelson who the
world soon came to know as the powerful heroic
I-Force.  I-Force used his vast array of powers to save lives and improve the lot of
humanity wherever possible. His revered humanitarian deeds earned him worldwide respect and a position as an
Honorary Security
Advisor Pro Tem
for the Unified Nations Department of Global Security. Find out more about I-Force on his profile page!

The Earth began experiencing a global phenomenon the media has dubbed "The Neogen Flux" wherein random humans seemed to
Maximum Evolutionary Genetic Advancements, beyond the typical scope of homo sapiens who began using the acronym to call
them megahumans with megapowers. Or MEGAs for short.  Early subjects were touted as genetic anomalies or "genomalies" while others
nwere deemed synergenetics like I-Force, housing multiple DNA codes working interactively.

But the so-called
megapowers surfaced so sporadically that they were quickly dismissed.  They didn't work all the time. They weren't very
powerful.  It was as hard to get them on video as UFOs because they couldn’t be duplicated reliably in scientific testings. No one could
really get to the bottom of the alleged phenomenon.  This made the world think the whole idea was some silly
hoax. Until more dangerous
episodes came to light.

One U.S. Senator got scorched on his way to a Congressional hearing by a clueless teenager who is now being poked and prodded in a
containment facility.  A retired soldier inadvertently liquefied a Nicaraguan general's arm during a military parade.  Autopsies on that
soldier proved inconclusive.  A Parissienne super-model unleashed a ball of light from her torso that disintegrated the end of the catwalk
and an attendee's left foot before dissipating.  To this day, she still cannot explain the phenomenon from her jail cell. A televised Royal
Navy fighter jet turned transparent around a pilot just prior to landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier. The explosion killed the pilot and
21 servicemen.  In Israel, a Merkava 4 battle tank became reduced to the size of a Matchbox car killing the crew inside.   A Tyrannosaurus
Rex appeared on the deck of a cruise ship creating a panic that killed 21 persons, including a family of six that jumped into the freezing
waters off the Alaska coast.  In one of Russia’s cabinet meetings, four members faded from view screaming, disappearing like wisps of
smoke, as if their molecules simply drifted apart.

These incidents got very little press but made already nervous governments panicky and paranoid. A UN  global resolution was quickly
passed to send anyone displaying any kind of
megahuman ability to Science Bay Alpha, the most sophisticated research facility on the
planet and headquartered in the UN's
Synidome in Manhattan. The UN would run every possible test under controlled conditions to get to
the bottom of the changes to various humans kicked off during
"The Neogen Flux."

Nations sent those they felt needed to be sent to the scheduled orientation. But before they could even get started an unfolding mega-
disaster compelled six of the boldest of them to fight against the clock to save millions of lives! Through a demonstration of their
abilities, their grit and determination, the band of strangers partnered together to evolve into the global protectorate called ANGEL Corps!

See how it all unfolded in ANGEL Corps #1 and 2 here and own a little bit of Leading Edge History!

Later on, when the examinations resumed, most of the megahumans were found to have become synergenetic, housing multiple sets of
interactive DNA in one body working together.  In most cases, synergenetic men underwent  physique changes that transformed their
bodies into near peaks of physical perfection, augmenting muscles, strengthening bone,  eliminating excess body fat. Women had similar
transformations geared for their gender, enlarging breast sizes dissolving excess body fat and elongating legs but also a unique change
that altered the  bones in their feet causing sky-high heels to become the only comfortable shoe-wear!
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The good ANGELS will help you out.
The fallen ones will take you out.
And what of the ones in between?

Leading Edge Comics is going to tell the new stories
that need to be told.  Some may make you think. Some
may scare the hell out of you. Most are just going to
rock your action sensors off the charts!

Welcome to a new universe,
an Angelverse, with new
kinds of angels. And more.

What's the
Angelverse? Simply the nickname for the
infinite universe Eric has created for the characters
of Leading Edge Comics, an homage to his first two
published creations, the megahuman team called
ANGEL CORPS and the angelic warriors of When
Angels Return: W.A.R.!
 Here's some things you need
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