It's simple. I saw some amazing custom action figures and read all I could about how they are created.
The easiest kinds are re-paints requiring a base figure, very little sanding and McGyver-like trickery.  
My first attempt was to create I-Force from an old Superman figure!  He came out really cool, dontcha
I had to try my hand to see if I could accomplish the same thing with Charger, so I started by finding a base figure of Marvel's Aurora,
who had roughly the same sexiness, hair and build!  I still need to put a collar on her little jacket and add a paint update, but am
super-pleased with the results!  Click on her for a larger view!
So, being two for two, I went next for Crossfire, Master of the Ebonox Core!  This time an old Cyclops figure was sacrificed to give birth
to my next piece. I robbed Cyclops of his visor, ditched his cheap pleather jacket and tore down his boot and arm cuffs adding a fresh
paint job and painted grommets for the Crossfire symbols! Voila!
The other characters are in various stages of becoming ANGEL Corps characters but are underway.  Stay tuned for more action figure
developments! If anyone wants to take a crack at rendering a cool-looking action figure of ANY of my many characters, I will pump the
results and feature the artist right here!
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