Omegaddon (Oh-MEGA-don) was one of the near-immortal Ominex, a fleeing criminal sociopath fugitive
from the dual-star planet Omine (OM-in-ay) who managed to escape with a broken guidance system and
crash-landed on earth, totalling his starship. All of the Ominex inhabitants are gifted with varying levels of
super-powers, but Omegaddon's dangerous power over destructive forces soon made him revered as a
feared god on ancient Earth. Worse, the effects of a unique phase of radiation coming from Earth's
evolving sun on his super-powered physiognomy affected his mind further. Omegadon established and
ruled over a dark, cruel underworld for hundreds of years.

Recognizing the danger Omegaddon posed to any inhabited worlds he might happen across, a determined
Ominex detachment eventually located him on Earth. During that journey, however, a hyper-space storm
prevented final communications of their post-warp-jump position from being sent back to the Omine
homeworld. The homeworld was unable to pinpoint the detachment's location among millions of planets but
kept looking. The single sun configuration of Earth made it more difficult for Omegaddon to wield his
powers, but he learned how to maximize their effectiveness over hundreds of years, honing them as far as
he could like an inmate wokring out in a prison yard.

More experienced at utilizing his powers on Earth's weaker solar system, Omegaddon nearly triumphed in
repelling his numerous would-be newly-arrived captors. Despite many casualties during an epic clash,
Omegaddon was ultimately defeated by the detachment leader and was imprisoned. The unleashed
destructive forces however destroyed the detachment's starships and stranded them all on Earth with the
homeworld having no knowledge of their specific whereabouts.

The near-immortal Ominex carved out a life on Earth as best they could but were also affected by the
unique radiation coming from Earth's evolving sun on their super-powered physiognomies and minds. Far
from evil behavior, they often behaved as emotional roller-coasters, obsessed with adulation and
manipulative entertainment, resulting in them being set up as some of humanity's most powerful gods, the
ones you know from mythological histories around the globe.

Eventually, the Ominex homeworld located their missing comrades and extracted many of them from Earth,
but the detachment's extreme guilt over the degree with which the prime non-interference drirective had
been horribly violated compelled many of them to stay to assist humanity's evolution behind the scenes.
The detachment leader and some of his most loyal officers opted to stay on Earth. The Ominex ships' labs
quickly synthesized a vaccine to stave off the undue mental influences of the single-star system and
provided ample supplies including warp-drive jump ships. Omegadon was taken aboard for transport back
to the homeworld to await justice for his crimes.

What the Ominex did not count on however, was the extreme power Omegadon had developed in learning
to wield his powers under the Earth's weaker system. When he arrived back at their dual-star homeworld,
Omegadon's power surged significantly. He destroyed the ship, killing many of the passengers and fled
once more.

Omegaddon's activities over the last two millenia are unconfirmed although stories surface from time to
time that he is amassing a large empire in a tri-star system in an uncharted part of the galaxy. Omegaddon
has made a vow of revenge against his homeworld and against the detachment leader who imprisoned him
on Earth for so very long.

It is rumored that his name is the actual bastardized source for the the word "Armageddon."
was originally an all purpose dirty tricks black ops sort of
operative for an alien race called the Yretians
(Ear-REE-shunz). In that role he was always a deadly,
annoyingly loyal, nasty mercenary (think StarScream from
animated Transformers) but left to his own devices on
Earth, angry and abandoned, he evolves into an even
more ruthless, vengeful entity. I gave him the coloring of
a cockroach because he's just that smarmy! Plenty
enough to give some ANGELCorps operatives a hard
is a synergenetic with the superhuman ability to tap into and manipulate an energy that feeds into her from a
lightforce dimension called the Radiance Expanse (a realm that is the polar opposite of a darkforce
dimension known to a select few as the Ebonox Expanse). The radiance can be projected from her body in
all directions but the most focused and powerful blasts are best released from her eyes. She can create
more complex light constructs by releasing the energy through her arms and hands. The radiance energy
carries a hyper-brilliance that can blind direct onlookers, can pack concussive force and can be heated up
to searing levels. By directing the energies downward, Flare can fly. Her expertise is improving regarding
creating more complex light constructs that she can control.
is Curtis Styles, an out-of-work, divorced American robotics expert who came into possession of a complex
cyborganic armor left behind during Earth’s ancient history by exploring minions of the alien Yretian
techtatorship. The Yretian explorers were vaporized by an untimely super-volcanic eruption but the armor was
thrown clear of the disaster and into a rocky chasm. Curtis’ presence activated the alien armor, which repaired
itself and fused to his physique and nervous system even as it sent a signal to the Yretian homeworld, the
consequences of which have not surfaced yet.

The armor itself appears to have been geared towards mining with arm arrays consisting of telescoping
fracton-emission gauntlets. The arm-wear is capable of slashing through any matter or energy and can deliver
concussive or shredding discharges consisting of kratomion fragmentation clusters. The Gauntlet armor has
sophisticated self-repairing capabilities, damage resistance, strength-enhancement and flight capabilities.
The headgear and onboard computer systems provide holo-displays that Curtis was able to decipher and
successfully translate into English.

Curtis believes he has been screwed over by America and is out to get whatever he can as recompense for
what he believes are his societally-driven misfortunes.
This is the malevolent Preyon (PRAY-on) from the dark planet B'Damm, a world filled with varying levels of
psychic vampires who rule over the indigenous population. Preyon is an unprecedented B'Dammeran
variant ridiculously stronger than any of the others on his planet and he doesn't just siphon off psychic
energy, he siphons off ALL kinds of energy. In his uncharged form, Preyon can lift 60 tons and is able to fly
unaided utilizing a self-contained rechargeable dark energy that leaves an odd black contrail effect that
appears to emanate from his scalp.

When Preyon siphons off a certain amount of energy, he instantly transforms into larger, scarier, winged
entity, demon-like in appearance, with enormous strength, wicked talons and dark powers. With effort he
can suppress the physical change for a short period of time.

In either form, Preyon can redirect absorbed energies with concussive bolts of entropic dark bolts that can
decay and dissolve matter. He does not seem to feel inflicted injuries. In fact, it is one of the few times
Preyon actually laughs. He is hard to dislodge from surfaces as he is able to anchor himself to them with a
high degree of adherence.

In his changed form, Preyon's emergent leathery wings are membrane-like yet powerful and they enable him
to fly at high speeds in Earth-like atmospheres. Preyon does not need to breathe and can traverse space
under his own power unprotected at near-light speeds by emitting particulates of absorbed energy. He
does not need a ship to utilize structured wormholes. His strength has been amplified to be able to lift as
many as 90 tons. Coupled with a sufficient flying charge, he can deliver a blow packing a punch equivalent
to 120 tons. There is an occult element to Preyon's lineage and it is believed he has access to powerful
B'Dammeran sorcery. Preyon prefers the dark but is immune to the visible light spectrum.

Preyon can be weakened in the presence of those possessing powerful faith and love, but his mere
presence acts to weaken those traits significantly.
Nadif Dahir Warsame
When a powerful sea pirating cartel stumbled across alien technology, a large chamber used to create slave
labor for heavy-gravity planets, they abducted a scientist to learn its purpose. Using poor civilians as
guinea pigs, and stolen mammoth DNA from a museum as a patterning element, the technology painfully
transformed humans into massive brutes with incredible strength only to die a few days later.

Due to their heavy bulk, they called the transformed humans “mammoths.” On the 8th try, Nadif Dahir
Warsame, reeling from the extermination of his family, underwent the process. In this case, however, Nadif
grew so massive that he utterly destroyed the chamber. This time, however, the mammoth effect did not kill
the subject. By far the most powerful of the eight test subjects, Nadif acted as an enforcer for the pirating
cartel and became known as Mammoth-8, though he's made top guns nervous by toying with the idea of
running the show to consolidate more power.

At twelve feet tall, Mammoth-8 has massive strength (has been confirmed as easily lifting and tossing a
stolen Abrams tank 30 yards) and is nearly indestructible (has shrugged off an FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank
guided missile), while a side effect of the mammoth DNA patterning has left him with the ability to instantly
project or unleash super-hard bony spikes from his body that have been witnessed piercing armor plating.
His reflexes and speed are deceptively fast and, unfortunately for any opponent, he's gifted with a threat
sense that alerts him to an incoming attack.
Caust (pronounced "Cost") is short for "caustic" like the acidic sentient energy within his containment suit.
Caust can release and control his corrosive energy in the form of beams or gaseous vapors that
disintegrate and liquefy most forms of matter dependent on the intensity of the discharged energy. Without
the intact containment suit Caust reverts to his normal form, a sentient corrosive cloud.
Yeah, she’s malicious, molten and a deadly super-magma generator. Tempest Chevalier's powers drove her
off the deep end, turning her into a megalomaniacal paranoid schizophrenic. She cannot stand the fragility
and order of the world and fears nothing in her attempts to try and realize power.

Tempest is unaffected by radiation or extreme heat and is able to stroll through molten rock like puddles of
water. Traditional H2O and ice attacks vaporize in her presence. She also can telekinetically manipulate her
magma and become airborne by riding it through the air. Her natural heat corona can be withdrawn allowing
her to touch normal humans but she normally keeps it intact to prevent anyone who is unprotected from
attacking or approaching her.
Meet Shredzone, a humanoid carnivore packed with the deadly genepool of the prehistoric megalodon. Under
normal conditions, he stands around 8 feet tall but swells to double that size when in an agitated predatory

Outside of water, Shredzone can lift around 85 tons. Inside the water, he’s been witnessed lifting 200 tons.
Shredzone can leap great distances on land, and can rocket out of the water in an arc spanning 20 miles at a
time. With massive leg musculature, assorted fins and tough membranes webbed into his feet, Shredzone can
top Mach 1 swimming underwater. Shredzone’s massive musculature exists within a thick super-cartilege that
prevents him from feeling all but the most powerful blows. Shredzone breathes underwater like a fish but can
also survive on land for 24 hours without needing re-immersing. In just 5 minutes of immersion, Shredzone can
recharge himself for another 24 hours of breathing.

His pliant jaws are super-expandable and house around 350 regenerative razor sharp metallic teeth. With a
bite force pressure of 45,000 pounds he can rip through any armor plating that he doesn’t just punch through.
Shredzone can take control of all Chondrichthyes Class sealife which includes sharks, electric rays and skates.
He also has the ability to psionically manipulate about 40,000 gallons of water at a time, typically bringing a
supply with him when venturing onto land in order to maintain maximum power levels.

Shredzone despises humanity and believes himself to be at the top of the food chain. He’s feral and
condescending with little regard for anything but expanding and protecting his oceanic territory.
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