Warrior Angel Destine' (TM and  2008, 2009 Eric Linquist and Leading Edge Comics)
Warrior Angel Kodi (TM and  2008, 2009 Eric Linquist and Leading Edge Comics)
Mankind’s scientists have brought a theoretical particle to life: Quantum Resonance Cryptomatter.  Its creation, however, has ruptured a
hole in the Oblivion Expanse, a timeless extradimensional void within which the angels have remained treapped since the last days of
Atlantis.  As a result, feuding angels, elite warriors that have lain dormant for over 10,000 years, have re-emerged into the modern world.
Without guidance from the Omniety, their Creator, the directionless angels now look to reactivate among the human race. One group is
content to resume their lives according to the Omniety's last decree and act as a covert protectorate for humanity while the other group
has concluded that the Omniety has abandoned them leaving them to take on the preferred roles as interactive mentors.

Calling their unit the Wing Command, one faction of the special ops force of angels are led by the peerless strength of Destine, the pure
spirit of Kiriana and the indomitable fire of Selicia, winged warriors who have spent their entire existence soldiering for mankind,
eradicating demons and being careful not to become embroiled with any of humanity's natural progressions. Opportunistic Dommine',
however, unsatisfied with humanity's dubious progress, has recruited ruthless Kodi, sadistic Sabrisa and persuaded half of the elite forces
to help proactively advance humanity's progress under the newly formed Air Command, a spin-off, competing force of warrior angels loyal to
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