The Unified Nations is a combined
organizational partnership between 198
independent countries working to improve
the planet Earth. Formed in 1945, the U.N. was
re-chartered twenty years ago when it became
the recipient and steward of a massive fiscal
injection of billions of dollars from undisclosed
sources.  That super-funding enabled the
U.N. to improve almost every aspect of their
world-embracing operation, including a
financial oversight committee charged with
tracking allocation of the funds.

The six-block Manhattan headquarters expanded to eighteen blocks while state of the art
facilities and equipment were made available in almost every segment of the UN-sponsored
research community.  Able to offer extremely high compensation, the U.N. was able to attract
some of the finest, most brilliant minds from across the globe in the pursuit of technology
advancements.  Working together, the finest thinking resources from the nations of the world
have re-dedicated themselves to improving the quality of life for all the citizens of the planet.
Such partnerships, under the guidance and renewed funding of the U.N., have resulted in some
of the most beneficial and wide-reaching initiatives ever undertaken.
New York City, New York.
The new Unified Nations Headquarters in Manhattan, New York City!
Among them is expanded global security resources dedicated to maintaining peace around the world. In addition, outreach programs have
brought food and medicines into the most remote and suffering populaces on the planet. The U.N.'s Department of Global Science has
created a vaccine that will eliminate malaria. New technologies are being discovered every day that will make life better for billions of
The U.N., at the behest of concerned nations, has tackled investigation into the phenomena of genetic anomalies dubbed "synergenetics,"
humans whose genetics may have undergone radical  alterations recently that look to usher in a new era of human potential. They've
organized into a life-protecting group called ANGEL CORPS.

To further endear the UN to the global populace, huge public relations strides were made when Paul Michaelson, I-Force, a globally
revered humanitarian, was appointed Honorary Global Security Advisor Pro-Tem. More recently, Paul is heading up the I-Force squad in its
start-up year.

Headquartered in greatly expanded facilities in New York, the U.N. has begun ground-breaking research in myriad areas, drawing some of
the finest thinking minds of the human race into efforts to cure the ills and resolve the problems facing mankind.
The Unified Nations' advanced resources afford research, equipment and systems technologies that are state-of-the-art. This, in turn,
enables our teams to make cutting edge discoveries and the latest innovations in a number of fields.  In a relatively short amount of
time, the U.N. has patented several cutting-edge technologies with widespread humanitarian applications.   
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