With a focus not only on in-house operational and systems security, the department also devotes its considerable resources to global
security and world peacekeeping.

Within the Department of Global Security are divisions that coordinate military operations, special operations, intelligence,
counter-terrorism, recruitment and training.

Recently, a revolutionary new division has been established consisting of a unique group of citizens that have been volunteered from
many member nations to work on behalf of all humanity: ANGELCORPS abilities, many of which have been part of the recent wave of
radical genetic anomalies that have surfaced. Medically monitored, trained in a variety of skills and given honorary designation as U.N.
diplomats, members have been authorized by their homelands to volunteer their services for the betterment of all mankind.

Prior to ANGELCorps, well-known Paul Michaelson was the world's only seeming genetic anomaly, a man recognized world-wide as the
selfless  humanitarian called "I-Force" and a long-standing Global Security Advisor Pro-Tem.

Michaelson was the perfect candidate to head up ANGELCorps, a group who have already distinguished themselves by diffusing a recent
astral event that threatened to devastate New York. You can see more of this group on the U.N. Cable Channel 700 or simply click the link
below to familiarize yourself with active members on the current ANGELCORPS roster.


While many new members of ANGELCorps are the result of the recent wave of radical genetic anomalies surfacing across the world, the
recruiters have  recruited other citizens displaying unique abilities as well.  The Unified Nations is committed to working with and helping
such citizens understand and enhance their unique abilities while experiencing the joy of working to help the nations of our world
become better places.

ANGELCorps welcomes all candidates for the pre-screening and skills assessment interview process at Science Base Alpha in our
Manhattan, New York headquarters.

Successful candidates will enjoy our state-of-the-art training and on-site housing while they earn a competitive stipend, enjoy a full
benefits package and be considered for honorary diplomatic status.  

Interested parties should contact the Managing Director of Special Operative Recruitment, Cordelia Fine, at
1- 800-U.N.-ANGEL Monday thru Friday 10 am to 4 pm EST.
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